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How to make mentoring work and why your workplace will benefit

In the Black magazine interviews Sophie McCarthy on the benefits of mentoring for developing leaders, retaining good people and accelerating learning. The article also offers some useful ideas for mentees and mentors to make the most of the relationship.

“Only about a third of mentoring relationships will work without preparation. Two in three will work if the mentor is trained, and training both the mentor and mentee should yield a 90% success rate,” David Clutterbuck, international pioneer of workplace mentoring and coaching.

‘How to make mentoring work and why your workplace will benefit’ In the Black magazine, May 2018


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Leadership Forums for executives

Join one of our Executive Leadership Forums in the new financial year to challenge yourself, develop and connect with accomplished executives from a range of industries and professions. The facilitated small group sessions will support and test approaches and strategies around key decision-making, risk taking, leading change and other workplace challenges. Expressions of interest now open for Sydney and Brisbane.

Past participants say it has given them invaluable insights, practical advice and strengthened their ability to effectively lead in this changing climate.

“The shared experiences and sound advice has made me a better leader.” “I feel much less isolated in my executive role.”

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CEOs reveal their paths to the top job

Leading CEOs have revealed their career moves, surprising training grounds and key conversations that have set them on the path to the top job. In a report by Korn Ferry, 11 CEOs including REAs Tracey Fellows, Xero’s Rod Drury, Carnivale’s Ann Sherry, LinkedIn’s Cliff Rosenberg and Lend Lease’s Steve McCann discuss their stories and turning points in their career.

Common themes include non-linear career paths, unexpected forks, sliding door moments, needing to back themselves and gaining diverse experience.

Copy of the report and related articles follow: 



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What does expertise mean in an automated world

The pace of change is accelerating and it has implications for every market sector. As referenced in this article by the University of NSW, the Institute for the Future’s Future Work Skills 2020 report predicts that within 10 years, ‘new smart machines will enter offices, factories and homes in numbers we have never seen before. They will become integral to production, teaching, combat, medicine, security and virtually every domain of our lives.’ 

Machines will be performing more and more functions but there is a need for people to focus on the things machines don’t do well – critical, creative and innovative thinking, and genuine engagement with others.

How can humans co-work with their AI counterparts and combine automation, data and personal and EQ skills to deliver the best outcomes?

What does expertise mean in an automated world, AGSM, UNSW April 26, 2017 


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