Executive Mentoring Program

Supports CEO’s, senior leaders and managing partners

Participants are matched with our unparallelled network of respected business leaders with extensive executive and directorship experience. The confidential independent mentor will help strengthen leadership, improve performance, increase confidence, drive more effective board management and offer greater insights on managing key business challenges. The program offers people the chance to test ideas, reflect and gain a different perspective on their roles and leadership.

“I now manage the board and management more effectively”

Boards may also choose to offer mentors to new CEO’s to support them in their transition to leadership. Our experience has found that boards often believe that regardless of the quality of the board/CEO relationship and strength of leadership, the CEO needs their own independent sounding board, external to the organisation to discuss and test ideas and strategies. Boards see it as a risk management strategy.

Participants of the Executive Program have exclusive access to McCarthy Mentoring’s Leadership Lunches that bring together a select group of senior leaders from across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Results from the McCarthy Mentoring Executive Program include:

  •      82% enhanced confidence and self awareness
  •      78% improved decision-making
  •      78% better manage challenging workplace situations
  •      64% enhanced overall performance
  •      62% improved stakeholder management including the board

CEOs Need Mentors Too: research reveals the type of advice top executives require and how they get it, Harvard Business Review

Case Study

NSW Health Pathology

Three executives were offered the Executive Mentoring Program in 2013 when the newly created entity was being established and the strategic direction was being refined and implemented. The program sought to retain and support valued executives at a time of significant cultural, workforce and process changes. Since this time, McCarthy Mentoring has supported a number of its executives and emerging leaders with successful outcomes. Participants reported increased performance, better able to manage workplace issues and improved stakeholder management. NSW Health Pathology has retained 92% of program participants.

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Glenn Collins, CEO, Giancorp Property Group

At the time of engaging a mentor, Glenn Collins was a Regional Executive at the Bank of Melbourne. He sought the advice and guidance of a leader outside of his organisation and broader network to test ideas and provide an independent perspective on his career plans and goals. Craig was connected to one of our valued experienced mentors, Non-Executive Director and former CEO and COO, Craig Wallace.

“It was worth it’s weight in gold”

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