Hogan Leadership Assessments

The Hogan Leadership & 360 Assessments are powerful tools that provides leaders with self-awareness and a deeper understanding into their strengths, behaviours, challenges, values and drivers. Self-awareness is the foundation of effective leadership and insights drawn from these assessments enable people to understand how they can perform at their best in their role, in a team and as a leader.

Two Assessments: Hogan Leadership Forecast Series (LFS) and Hogan 360 

LFS is an evidence-based personality assessment, focusing on characteristics, competencies and values that underlie how leaders approach work and interact with others in the workplace. It looks at how we manage stress, solve problems and build relationships. The assessment is completed online by the client and is delivered alongside 5 comprehensive development reports by a certified Hogan coach from McCarthy Mentoring. Reports include:

  • Hogan Flash – Summary report including primary and sub-scores
  • Hogan Potential – Strengths & competencies for leadership
  • Hogan Challenge – Derailers and performance risk
  • Hogan Values – Core values & motivators for leadership
  • Hogan Coaching – Development Plan

The 1.5 hour personal debrief will discuss the data against the users current professional context and identify key leadership development strengths and opportunities around behaviours, communication and values. These insights drawn then enable leaders to understand how they can develop leadership capability, become more effective and improve performance.

Hogan 360 is a comprehensive multi-rater tool that measures reputation by comparing self-assigned ratings against those from peers, stakeholders (such as board members, clients, colleagues), managers, and direct reports. Commonly used for development purposes, the Hogan 360 offers constructive feedback and pinpoints priorities for improvement.

The Hogan 360 benchmarks one’s scores on each competency against other leaders, and highlights strengths and opportunities for development. This comprehensive feedback creates the opportunity for strategic self-awareness and professional growth. The behavioural measures associated with emotional intelligence are a key component of the Hogan 360. Research shows that exceptional managers exhibit characteristics that indicate strong EQ behavioural competencies, such as strong people skills and a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Leaders who exhibit such traits are more likely to resonate with others and in turn, deliver results.

The report uses a simple yet strategic competency framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. Analytics from the Hogan 360 assist organisations’ understanding of leadership capability and gaps.

Why Hogan?

Grounded in more than 30 years of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business performance.

Hogan was developed with strict attention to proven psychological theory and is strongly evidence-based. The Hogan assessment suite is widely used for leadership development from middle management to the executive level with more than 9 million leaders having completed the assessment. There is no such thing as an ideal score or personality profile. Each individual’s assessment scores are likely to reveal some strengths and some potential challenges or risk factors.

Outcomes include:

  • Increased self-awareness of strengths and how to leverage them to
    increase performance
  • Improved knowledge of risk behaviours and how they impact
    others increasing the speed of behavioural change
  • Insight into personal drivers and how they fit into the team and
    organisational context
  • Deeper understanding into their own and other’s behaviour,
    leadership style, communication and values
  • Improved emotional and social intelligence of other’s key drivers

Explainer video:

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