Providing high level advice and training

McCarthy Mentoring consults to government, not for profit and corporate organisations on the design and delivery of successful leadership development programs.

Organisation’s engage McCarthy Mentoring to design and facilitate each aspect of the program or to provide advice on the strategy, content and framework that will shift performance and effectiveness.

We also facilitate training workshops, leadership planning days and strategic sessions. As businesses combine remote and office-based working, leaders need to be more focused and thoughtful when they come together. Our sessions are designed to bring executives together in a positive, engaging format that strengthens collaboration, effectiveness and bonds to deliver stronger performance and outcomes.

Our team are accredited coaches, trained facilitators, consultants and executives offering high-level advice and support. We are also invited as expert speakers for panels, conferences or board consultation.

Offering high-level advice, training and support to shift performance and strengthen outcomes.

Training Workshops

McCarthy Mentoring offers a customised service that ensures mentors and mentees are briefed and trained appropriately to provide the best outcome for the organisation. To ensure people feel excited and confident in their roles as mentors and mentees we offer:

This is an interactive and practical presentation with a focus on the role of a mentee, insights on best practice and how to get the most out of the relationship.

This includes objectives of the mentoring relationship, roles and responsibilities, common questions, case study analysis as well as logistics and ethical boundaries.

Case Study

Law Firm Training Workshops

A leading Melbourne law firm sought McCarthy Mentoring’s advice on best practice design and delivery of an internal mentoring program for its associates and senior associates to further build a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing. This included consultation on the selection, matching, communication, structure and timing. The support involved facilitating mentee and mentor training workshops attended by senior Partners to maximise outcomes. The interactive skills workshops ensured all participants had clear expectations and objectives and a greater understanding and confidence in their roles. Mentors reviewed real-life scenarios to test their approach and mentees were set up for success. The firm’s 12 month mentoring program had a positive impact on career progression, retention and engagement and was run again, with McCarthy Mentoring, a second year.