Building authentic and effective leaders

Driving performance, behavioural change and self-awareness, our coaching programs respond to the development needs of each individual, team and organisation. Our experienced executive coaches use tools and frameworks that strengthen performance, resilience and agility.

Game Changer is our exciting short, high impact program that combines leadership insights on strengths and behaviours as well as one-on-one coaching guidance to enable people to perform at their best. Find out more below.

Our experienced accredited coaches are personally selected for each participant from our unparalleled sought-after network.

Executive Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs challenges leaders to perform at their best by knowing themselves, their direction and the role they can play in the success of their organisation and careers.

Our experienced coaches provide guidance, frameworks and tools to test decisions, communicate effectively, motivate others, sustain energy and strengthen performance in uncertain times. They also support clients to leverage their strengths, develop skills and clarify goals. The focus is on accountability and self-awareness to enable behavioural change and growth.

Each structured program clarifies and sets expectations with the client, organisation and coach, enabling a clear focus and agreed program goals from the start.

Participants seek support on performance, people management, leading change, workplace challenges, career decisions or next steps. Organisations look to support talent, build skills and accelerate learning that delivers impact.

Games Changer includes:

  • Hogan Leadership Assessment including 1.5hr insights debrief with coach – building self-awareness of strengths, behaviours and challenges
  • 6 hours tailored coaching sessions over 3 months – one-on-one guidance to be the best version of themselves.
  • Personalised matching process, organisation briefing, facilitated coach introduction, three-way client/organisation/coach meeting and support from McCarthy Mentoring
  • Delivered virtually from wherever you are in the world.

Six month Coaching Program includes:

  • 10 hours tailored coaching sessions over 6 months – one-on-one guidance from our exceptional network of experienced coaches who are also business leaders
  • Personalised matching process, organisation briefing, facilitated coach introduction, three-way client/organisation/coach meeting and support from McCarthy Mentoring
  • Delivered virtually or face-to-face
  • Hogan Leadership & 360 Assessments available on request

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About Hogan Leadership & 360 Assessments

Hogan Leadership Assessments are a powerful tool that provide leaders with self-awareness and a deeper understanding into their strengths, behaviours, challenges and drivers. Insights drawn from these assessments enable people to understand how they can be more effective in their role and as a leader.

Grounded in more than 30 years of validated global research with 9 million users, Hogan assessments scientifically measure personality for business performance. The personality assessment and 360 offers you information regarding characteristics, competencies and values that underlie how you, as a leader, approach work and interact with others in the workplace.

The McCarthy Mentoring team are accredited organisational coaches and hold certification in the Hogan Leadership Assessment tool.

Case Study

Coaching for Impact

An executive working in professional services approached McCarthy Mentoring after being invited to lead the operations of a second major division in their organisation. While they were a strong performer, they felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work, significant decisions to be made and cultural changes required to unify the two divisions.  Their six month coaching discussions unlocked some of the barriers in the decision making process, clarified priorities and provided tools and frameworks to manage some poor behaviour that was impacting culture. The executive has since become the CEO.