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Global research has found that partnering mentees with a confidential experienced mentor enhances performance, refines leadership skills, builds confidence and clarifies goals. Mentors act as a sounding board, drawing on their experience to offer guidance, a fresh perspective and insights, enabling the mentees to develop their own strategies to apply in the workplace. Our experience and research confirms that the choice of mentor is critical to the success of a program and we invest significant time in identifying the perfect mentor for each person.

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Our mentors are personally selected for each participant from our unparalleled sought-after network or from the senior executive team within the client organisation.

Our formal, structured mentoring programs are tailored for:

Executive Program

Supporting executives, CEOs and managing partners to strengthen as leaders, empower their teams and improve their organisation’s performance by offering a confidential independent advisor.

Each participant is strategically matched with a member of our highly respected mentor network who draw on their executive and governance experience to discuss issues and test ideas around board management, performance and leadership. The program offers people the chance to reflect and gain a different perspective on managing key challenges.

Mentoring is also a powerful initiative to support wellbeing. It offers a confidential safe space to test ideas, problem solve and explore solutions to achieve better outcomes, greater confidence and increased resilience. This in turn drives growth, improved performance and productivity.

Harvard Business Review surveyed CEO’s in formal mentoring programs: 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles faster and 69% were making better decisions.

Read how our program made a significant difference for a Senior Trade Commissioner in Washington when starting in a new executive role.

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Emerging Leaders

Supporting talented middle managers and technical experts to accelerate learning and unlock potential. Designed for individuals and teams, the program connects participants with independent experienced mentors or senior executives within the organisation to provide advice and guidance on leadership, career and other workplace challenges.

Participants will be supported to grow from operational to strategic, build confidence, enhance performance and capability, clarify career plans and broaden networks. Programs may include facilitated events, mentoring circles and training workshops to maximise the effectiveness of the program.

Our structured mentoring programs are offered for six or 12 months, with ongoing support, client involvement and resources delivered by McCarthy Mentoring. This includes our exclusive one2one online mentoring platform that delivers monthly curated content on key leadership themes to enhance conversations and outcomes.

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Case Study


The IAG Mentoring Program is one of IAG’s key talent development programs designed to build a pipeline of talented male and female leaders through developing their leadership capabilities, building their network across the organisation and supporting their career aspirations. The 12-month program offers mentees the opportunity to work one on one with an IAG executive to learn new skills, capabilities, broaden networks across the organisation, and progress their career goals. The program is also sponsored by a member of the group leadership team who also participates as a mentor.


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For four years, McCarthy Mentoring developed and managed a mentoring and leadership development program for senior women in the Qantas and Jetstar operations as a key component of the Women@Qantas Program. This was part of the Qantas Talent & Diversity initiative to reward and grow talented senior women transitioning to leadership. It also offered support and guidance during a time of significant change and business transformation.  The participants were chosen from across the globe for their leadership capacity, high performance and commitment to the group. Of the 24 women who participated in 2011/12, 63% of the group were promoted. In 2013/14, 93% reported they had a greater capacity to manage workplace challenges and 86% had improved performance. Women moving into significant new roles before or during the program were successful in their transition. Many are now in the top executive tiers of Qantas.

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