International Mentoring Day 2024

International Mentoring Day takes place on the birthday of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, (17 January) who used his platform to mentor up-and-coming athletes.

Ali’s legacy lives on, and we can continue to learn from his work in advancing diversity and inclusion, his strategic advocacy for a better world and how he engaged people globally through formal and informal mentoring.

McCarthy Mentoring celebrates the day by sharing a range of free resources.

McCarthy Mentoring’s CEO Sophie McCarthy reminds us that “the power of having a mentor, and being a mentor, is enduring. We see daily how mentoring enhances and propels careers, and how it retains, engages and develops people.”

Browse more free mentoring resources below.

Article resources

Why building networks drives careers and performance
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Effective Leadership in 2024: Key Themes from the McCarthy Mentoring Forum

The Mentor Mic

Listen to or watch this leadership spotlight series that shares wisdom, personal experiences and practical tips.

Other video resources

Infographics and case studies

Key outcomes from some of our recent clients (click to enlarge)