A major two-year study urges organisations to invest in future leaders, particularly frontline leaders, to improve workplace performance and innovation. The report found 40% of companies are not hitting key performance targets due to under-investment in the next generation of leaders alongside concerns that local executives are relying too much on gut instinct to make decisions.

Effective mentoring allows emerging leaders to test ideas and gain a fresh, experienced perspective on leadership, management and performance.

In our recent NextGen Mentoring programs 75% of participants said their overall performance had improved, 73% improved influencing and negotiating skills, 85% are making better decisions while 84% of CEOs in a recent HBR study stated mentoring had made them more proficient in their roles faster.

Read the key findings from the 2016 Study of Australian Leadership by the University of Melbourne and Centre for Workplace Leadership.

It is the largest ever survey of leadership in Australia. SAL surveyed almost 8,000 individuals across 2,703 organisations and 2,561 workplaces. Respondents included senior leaders (such as CEOs), workplace leaders and specialists (such as HR managers), frontline leaders and employees

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