Next Gen

Next Gen

An effective and tailored internal mentoring program to help build leadership capability, increase retention and manage succession planning within the organisation.

Selected high potential and talented emerging leaders are carefully matched with senior executives from within the organisation to grow, drive and engage key employees.

The mentors offer insights and a fresh perspective on effective leadership as well as provide guidance on stakeholder management, broadening networks and career planning within the organisation.

By offering a formal program, organisations demonstrate their commitment to building a stronger mentoring culture. The data supports this. Our research shows 89% of people who have been mentored go on to become mentors within their own organisations or industry.

In the delivery of the program, our careful matching, structured process and tailored resources ensure the best outcomes.

Results from NextGen programs include:

  • 90% have gained more confidence to take risks with their career
  • 90% can better manage their own challenging workplace situations
  • 85% have increased collaboration across the business
  • 75% have improved overall performance