Our Industry Mentoring Program supports member-based organisations engage, retain and develop their future industry leaders. Participants are connected to experienced senior industry members creating opportunities to build knowledge sharing, build business leadership and improve productivity.

This program offers participants a unique professional development opportunity to work one-to-one with industry leaders. Mentors will draw on their experience to provide confidential advice and support. The program creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and skills development as well as offering insights into a long-term successful career in their field.

Programs held across the legal, property and agribusiness sectors have resulted in:

  • Growth of business performance and value (78%)
  • Improved ability to manage challenging workplace issues (74%)
  • Increased confidence and self awareness (71%)

By offering a formal program, organisations are demonstrating their commitment to building a stronger mentoring culture. The data supports this. Our research shows 89% of people who have been mentored go on to become mentors within their own organisations or industry.