In the majority of our mentoring programs people are selected as mentees in recognition of their high performance and loyalty to the organisation – so if that’s you congratulations.

Your organisation has identified you as an important talent and wants to invest in your future development. By offering you a mentor they are expressing a high level of trust in you and your capacity to use the time wisely as you consider your career, your performance and your future. In addition, we have many mentees working in small business or who wish to engage us privately for mentoring programs.

Your Role

For the mentoring relationship to work it’s your role as the mentee to drive the process, set the agenda and organise the meetings. McCarthy Mentoring provides a structure and some resources to facilitate this, but it’s important that you are engaged and open to feedback and some challenging conversations. It’s your life so you should be in the driver’s seat.


Mentees describe the benefits as:

  • Growth in confidence and self esteem
  • Being able to hear and trust their own voice
  • Improved knowledge, skills and motivation
  • Better career outcomes as they learn to plan strategically
  • A better attitude to work and life and an ability to make better work/life decisions.
  • A stronger network of influences and learning resources
  • A more strategic career path
  • A better understanding of the external environment

In a recent senior executive mentoring program, 93% of mentees either strongly agreed or agreed that they had ‘a greater capacity to manage workplace challenges’.

“I am more strategic and confident”  Senior Executive, Qantas Group


When is the best time for a mentor?

Mentoring is an effective intervention in times of transition. Such transitions could include moving from technical skills into a managerial or senior executive role, joining a Board, returning to the workforce after maternity or parental leave, moving into a new sector or working cross culturally Increasingly in an ageing population people approaching retirement are interested in a mentoring relationship.

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McCarthy Mentoring has tools and resources to help enhance the mentoring relationship.

  • Our one2one online program designed to support the unique one2one relationships
  • The popular one2one mentoring cards will help mentee’s identify and prioritise their personal and professional goals.
  • The one2one Guides for mentors and mentees provide key tips on how to be effective, tools to strengthen skills and practical case studies to maximise success.

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